Ardh Sainik Widow Sahayata

Ardh Sainik Widow Sahayata

An initiative of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.)

Ardh Sainik Widow Parivaar Sahayata (ASPS) Appeal to all Jawans and citizens for support

Why - Ardh Sainik Widow Parivaar Sahayata.

a)) All Central and State Government Schemes of

grant are meant for Martyer family only. Further for financial assistance for the families of martyers a website

b) Every year approximately 3000 jawans dies due to various reasons in the paramilitary forces, only 20 to 25% death falls under Martyer category and rest approximate 80% death have no special provisions of support. In fact these widow families are also in need of various kinds of support as these jawans also sacrifices their lives for the country in all ways. Further, disabled personnel are also facing various difficulties in day to day life and always hoping and requesting for Government support. Even after retirement some paramilitary personnel faces such situations when they required help. Therefore, Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd) taken initiative for Ardh Sainik Parivaar Sahayata so that at the time of need, can help to Ardh Sainik Parivaar.

Natural Death – 73%, Killed in action – 5%, Died while on duty – 18%, Suicide and shoot out cases – 4%.Retirement/VRS etc. – Appx. 2000 personnel every month.(Information data for 10 years from 2000 to 2009 of all CPMFs)

Our duty – Support to Ardh Sainik Parivaar It is our duty to support our Ardh Sainik Parivaar. Let's share support and grow together. Support will be extended for the following:a) Ardh Sainik martyr/natural death widows.b) Arrangement for free education facilities for children of widows.c) Opening of new schools/college/university for paramilitary personnel.

Ardh Sainik Old Age Home Camp by the paramilitary for for citizens.

Ardh Sainik Welfare Committee

Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust Committee after deliberation will consider and release support. Address for sending request:- The President, Ardh Sainik Parivaar Sahayata, P-230, Sarojini Nagar, Pillanji, New Delhi - 110023

Ardh Sainik Parivaar Sahayata – Income Tax Exemption under Section 80(G)

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