Ardh Sainik Computer Training Center

Ardh Sainik Computer Training Center

The initiatives of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.)

The Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.), being committed to look after the welfare of Force personnel and their family members, has decided to provide the maximum support to the Paramilitary Personnel, through various education and rehabilitation program for their wards. We had already provided 200+ admissions under our first project of the Ardh Sainik Children Admission Scheme. Further with 13 colleges also provided admission under the Ardh Sainik Professional Education Support during the current year admission session. Moreover thousands of jawans provided Income Tax Return and Refund facility. For rehabilitation in association with Amul Cooperative, Gujarat started a rehabilitation program for retired and family members of paramilitary personnel. On the similar line Ardh Sainik Computer Training Centre Program is also an important rehabilitation program as country required computer education centre. Ardh Sainik Computer Training Centre will be a leading rehabilitation program.

Ardh Sainik Computer Training Program –

A rehabilitation Program - concept Some time back the typing institute was very important in the city. Now computer replaced the typewriters and the demand of computer education is highly increased in many folds. Computer education is now required for each and every citizen and children. For all kinds of Government and private jobs computer education is mandatory. Therefore, through this program will support to soldiers for rehabilitation and contribution for country about computer education. Under this Ardh Sainik Computer Training Centre Program we offer a suitable career option of employment. All kinds of Computer training material, software, computer, print material etc. will be provided, if required one month training support will be conducted at Delhi. Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust is a registered organization hence, this basic computer education program is very important for society.

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