Ardh Sainik Amul Rehabilitation

Ardh Sainik Amul Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation program initiative of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.)

Amul Rehabilitation Program The rehabilitation is a big need and challenge for the country and rehabilitation of retired personnel is more challenging for the Government as well as for the Society. It becomes more difficult when rehabilitation has to be under certain policy guideline on the issue and demand is beyond the available policy/resources. Most of the personnel at the time of retirement have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which constrain them to choose second occupation or another career to fulfill his social responsibilities. Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (ASWT) has taken initiative to assist the Government for rehabilitation of Para Military personnel to facilitate retired personnel and their family members to provide suitable work and to train to acquire additional skills in their resettlement through the best available options in the society. However, it is for individuals to identify their aptitude before choosing second career. ASWT is committed towards generating opportunities and fulfilling the dreams for re-employment/ entrepreneurship.



Ardh Sainik Amul Parlor

a) Ardh Sainik Old Age Home Camp by the paramilitary for for citizens.

b) Ardh Sainik Welfare Committee

c) Rehabilitation program at national level for paramilitary personnel.

d) A rehabilitation program for retired and family members of paramilitary personnel.

e) With low investment a regular business.

f) Full training and guidance support. 

g) Easy to start and understand. 

Priority of selection: (A, B, C and D) All retired CAPFs personnel and family members of serving personnel can apply and avail this opportunity of business. The following are eligible under Ardh Sainik Amul Rehabilitation Program:

a) Family of Shaheed and Widow of Ardh Sainik Bal 

b) Retired personnel of Ardh Sainik Bal

c) Family members of serving Ardh Sainik Bal

Rehabilitation process: Rehabilitation process for the placement of the interested personnel will be as under:

a)Online Registration of willing personnel. 

b)Selection and Interview for allotment. 

c)Survey of space/shop mark for Amul Parlor.

d)AMUL PARLOR will be allotted on the basis of eligibility, priority and fulfilling of requirements as per the scheme and conditions of GCMMF. 

e)Ardh Sainik office will provide this opportunity on priority basis in Schools, colleges, Private Institutions, Factories or any other Government, semi Government organizations. However, priority of applicant will be considered as per availability of options and spaces for shop. 

Security Deposit: Applicant would be required to deposit of Rs.25,000/- as security deposit with ASWT/GCMMF and Rs.1,00,000/- for products and equipments. In case the Amul Parlor closes down within the first year of operation, only Rs.10,000/- security deposited will be refunded. 

How to apply/register for allotment: Application send by post or register online at in 3 step process:- 

a) Register at website and create an User ID, 

b) Filling up online application form of Ardh Sainik Amul Parlour. 

c) Provide payment registration fee of Rs.1000/-.

Registration Form

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